Basic terms / What is what



NavBar is Navigation bar on Top of any page. It contains:

  • Logo/Home button on far left
  • "NavBar previews" next to Home button. NavBar previews are per-user configurable information, which is always displayed (on any page/subpage)
  • "NavBar buttons" on right side of the NavBar. They display buttons to different quick items (back, search, home, watchdog, eventlog, carousel, language select ...). Displayed items change depending on current page and user rights
  • "Menu" on far right of the NavBar. It displays available Menus depending on current page


Dashboard is main landing page of FLOWBOX system. It is configurable and can have different configurable shapes:

  • honeycomb menu
  • map
  • floorplan
  • realm components
  • overview panel


Side bar is displayed on left side and contains list. It can be list of Realms, Setting items ... - content depending on page, site configuration, access rights.

On the bottom of SideBar toggler (blue) - which toggles narrow or wide display of sidebar. It is also automatically changes based on your browser window size (e.g. narrow on portrait mobile ...)

Main screen

Displays main content / components, graphs ...

System parts


Component is place, where device/sensor information is stored. It can be:

  • simple sensor i.e. temperature, humidity, pressure ...
  • multisensor - i.e. meteo station, combined temperature+humidity+CO2 ...
  • meter - electricity, water, heat ...
  • graph - compare chart, pie, y2y ...
  • complex - photovoltaic, HVAC unit, heatpump ...

Component always belong to one and only one realm. It can however still be shown on different realm panels.


Realm is logical group of components